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Preparing for Born Digital Future

Preparing for Born Digital Future

Improving Quality of life is a value each of one us carries, and Digital technologies are one, if not the most fundamental drivers of this change in current era. Our team at QualityKiosk has for the past two decades prioritised efforts to enable Digital Quality Engineering, as we pave way for a Born Digital Future.


Whether we are buying a home, a car, a mobile or food, one thing we expect in every interaction is Quality and Digital apps are no different. How do you maintain Quality of Experience on Digital Apps which need to work Anytime, Anywhere and on Any device in a fast paced world? An average user spends 4 hours per day on various Digital Apps, it is the job of Quality Engineering teams to see that those 4 hours go glitch free.


Further as the touch points expand, digital is no longer just another channel, but becomes the platform around which online and offline world’s converge for a user to create a Omni-channel experience. This is the stage at which the rise of the ‘Born Digital entities’ takes place. It is predicated that in the future there will be a ‘Digital twin’ – a virtual replica of the physical entities including people, organisations, places etc that will seamlessly interface across the divide of real and the ‘digital reality’. You are already experiencing some aspects of this through Virtual Reality and digital assistants.


To manage a Born Digital entity we need a Digital Workforce. A workforce where Human associates and software robot associates work together. We at QualityKiosk have been pioneering the use of Robotic Automation and Artificial Intelligence to deliver Digital Quality Engineering at Speed, Scale and Securely.


There is little bit of QualityKiosk in your everyday life. Whether you are booking a flight, paying for your coffee through a digital wallet, or simply connecting with your friends through social channels, we have 1500+ Human and Software Robot associates who work in the background to enable this digital life that we are experiencing. Our clients are our partners in delivering this transformation.


We are excited to work with our partners across the globe on Digital Transformation projects including using our Data Science Lab for performance, automation and Quality engineering practices. In the Indian context while agile approaches are being adopted, the transformation is mostly being run through specific programs, with the front-runner being Intelligent Business Automation.