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Importance of Devops in Software Quality Assurance

Importance of Devops in Software Quality Assurance

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QualityKiosk delivers Performance at Dynatrace Perform Mumbai

QualityKiosk delivers Performance at Dynatrace Perform Mumbai

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Bots-first approach: A secret formula for bank CIOs

Bots-first approach: A secret formula for bank CIOs

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Maneesh Jhawar, Founder & CEO, QualityKiosk Speaks to India InfoLine

Maneesh Jhawar, Founder & CEO, QualityKiosk, started QualityKiosk Technologies in the year 2000, after sensing the need-gap in the software testing industry. His constant emphasis and personal commitment towards governance, best-in-class business practices and constant innovation is the foundation that has helped QualityKiosk establish superior credentials with clients consistently. In his career of 26 years, his customer centric attitude is based on the philosophy of treating customer’s business challenges as his own which inspires each of his employees to work towards business outcomes for clients. Maneesh started his career with Procter and Gamble in 1990 where his achievements included setting up of a Toothpaste Manufacturing Facility for Exports in record time. Always obsessed with Quality he set up the TQM (Total Quality Management) practice at P&G’s flagship manufacturing facility. He then founded his business Maneesh Pipes Private Limited, an EPC company for large water supply schemes and piping solutions for all industries. He is also an investor and on the Advisory Board of three companies in Mobility, Data Analytics and e-Commerce space. A B. Tech from IIT Kanpur, Maneesh has also completed a program on “Transforming Professional Services Companies” from Harvard Business School. Maneesh enjoys reading books and has a collection of 1000+ classics. He is the President of MPM Trust which runs one of the largest community centres in Navi Mumbai.
In an interaction with Shweta Papriwal, Editor, IIFLManeesh Jhawar, Founder & CEO, QualityKiosk, said, “QualityKiosk is uniquely positioned in every phase of the application ecosystem lifecycle, right from an application’s conceptualization phase to go-live to end-of-life..”
Kindly brief us about your business and segments.
QualityKiosk’s is into digital assurance and quality engineering solutions including functional assurance, performance assurance & engineering, test automation and real-time user experience management & monitoring and robotic process automation. Our unique SaaS platform deploys services across the quality assurance lifecycle on a 24x7 basis to deliver a delightful end user experience for enterprises. The company offers unparalleled quality engineering across the life span of an application from pre to post production. Our Mobile 1 – M1 cloud device lab helps organizations guarantee the functional & performance quality of applications and continuously monitor them from an end-user’s standpoint.  We simulate and monitor customer journeys on real mobile devices. 
We are the only synthetic monitoring platform in the world that can navigate complex customer journeys including CAPTCHA, Mobile OTP and 2-Factor authentication.
We have over 200+ clients across verticals like banking, financial services, insurance, retail, e-commerce, government, automotive and telecom that are spread across 20 markets.
How does real user experience simulation work?
We understand the critical paths that are frequently navigated by end-users. For example on a banks application it could be a bill payment or a fund transfer. Our intelligent robot is then configured to mimic this journey continuously. Our promise to clients is ‘Be the first to know’ in case of availability or performance issues.
How do your clients get to know the performance of their business?
Our unique synthetic monitoring platform, CXGuardian-Customer Experience Guardian, is a Continuous Robotic Monitoring platform that gives real time visibility into Server, API, switches (Banking), mobile and web application availability and performance.
Clients get a notification on the CXguardian app, and by email, SMS and phone call as well.
How are you placed vis-a-vis peers? Do you face competition in the segments that you operate?
QualityKiosk is uniquely positioned in every phase of the application ecosystem lifecycle, right from an application’s conceptualization phase to go-live to end-of-life. Given our multiple competency areas, we face competition from large as well as small companies in the IT segment.
How does historical event tracking work? Brief us about your geographical presence and expansion plans if any?
We are mainly focused on markets in Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East with limited presence in USA and Europe at the moment.
We plan to organically grow 5X in the next 5 years. To achieve this growth, our focus is   three-fold - People, Process, and Platform.
Your clients are from which business segments?
Our clients are from diverse sectors of Banking, Financial services, Insurance, Automotive, Telecom, and E-commerce. Some of our clients include IDFC Bank, TATA AIG, Manulife, Tata Motors, Bharati-AXA, South Indian Bank among others. We count more than 50 of the Fortune 100 of India and 18 of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe as clients.
How much is your employee base, do you expect further additions?
We started with a few core members operating out of a small office and have today grown to 1500+ quality assurance experts spread across 20+ countries in APJ, EMEA, and Indian-Subcontinent.


Mumbai, June 19, 2018:

QualityKiosk Technologies, a leading independent provider of Digital Business Assurance solutions and services, announces the launch of “QualityKiosk Mobile One” (QK-M1TM), a “lab-as-a-service” platform for enterprises, for digital testing, to improve quality, help increase release velocity, and enhance end-customer experience.

QK-M1TM can be used for digital testing under real-world conditions and is a continuous testing and monitoring platform available as an on-premise or cloud (SaaS) version and operated on self-service or managed-services basis. It provides access to hundreds of mobile devices and browsers including the latest models and OS versions from global data centres located in India, U.A.E., and Indonesia.

“Our clients are constantly overwhelmed with rapid developments in the mobile ecosystem. They want to swiftly fix mobile device-related issues that degrade the digital experience and impact revenues and brand. We built QK-M1TM to help address these expectations that are centred on three critical themes: Quality, Velocity, and Experience. We constantly strive to be at the forefront of digital transformation solutions to future-proof our clients. For instance, QK-M1TMnow supports iOS 12, less than a day after it was announced at Apple WWDC. Our clients can now develop and execute automated testing on devices running iOS 12 to make sure they are ready before GA (general availability) in the Fall” says Maneesh Jhawar, Founder & CEO, QualityKiosk Technologies.

“Our ability to help clients perform digital testing under real-world conditions, conduct parallel testing on any number/combination of real devices/browsers/OS/networks, deliver performance analytics for customer journeys using our proprietary algorithms, and support continuous fixing of issues with sub-optimally performing devices in real-time differentiates us” says Naren Wadhwani, Head – Digital Solutions, QualityKiosk Technologies.

“We are excited that QualityKiosk, the leader in Quality Assurance and Consulting, has selected the ExperitestSeeTestCloud for its Digital Testing Lab. We see great value in this strategic partnership with QualityKiosk, and trust this will make the agile release of high-quality mobile apps a reality” says Nitin Kumar Dang, Regional Head – India and Middle-East, Experitest.

QK-M1TM is powered by Experitest, the world’s leading provider of quality assurance tools for web & mobile DevOps, including test automation, manual testing, performance testing, load testing and monitoring for web & mobile applications. Its SeeTest quality assurance platform enables web and mobile application testing across a large selection of browsers and real mobile devices, and seamlessly integrates into all ALM environments (e.g. Appium, Selenium, UFT, Junit, Jenkins, Eclipse, Visual Studio, XCode and Android Studio).


About QualityKiosk

QualityKiosk Technologies is one of the world’s largest software quality assurance providers and pioneers in performance testing. It was founded in the year 2000 by IIT-Kanpur graduates. The company offers end-to-end digital and enterprise quality assurance solutions for banking, financial services, insurance, retail, e-commerce, government, automotive and telecom verticals.

QualityKiosk counts more than 50 of the Fortune 100 of India and 18 of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe as clients. With 150+ clients across various verticals across geographies, some of their clients include IDFC Bank, TATA AIG, Manulife, Tata Motors, Bharati-AXA, South Indian Bank among others.

QualityKiosk’s 1500+ quality assurance experts are spread across 14+ countries in APAC, Middle-East, and Far-East Regions.

QualityKiosk is proud to be recognized by Gartner in their ‘Build Continuous Quality Into Your DevOps Toolchains’ Report 2018.

Identifying Correct Data For Appropriate Analytics Use Case Is A Big Challenge

Identifying Correct Data For Appropriate Analytics Use Case Is A Big Challenge

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Heading the testing practise as the COO at QualityKiosk, Chitra Ramaswamy is a core member of the founding team and has set up the entire practice from scratch. With 30+ years of experience in IT sector, she has been instrumental in expanding the QualityKiosk footprint in various industry verticals and geographies.

Known to be innovative and improving various processes deployed, she has led many ‘firsts’ in various domains, especially bringing technological evolution in quality assurance solutions and platforms, along with IT solutions development and consulting. Over the last few years, she has been involved in transforming testing practices and approaches internally and for customers from a DevOps and agile context integrating quality and speed.

She is a post graduate in computer science from IIT Bombay and a ‘Certified Quality Analyst’ from QAI, and loves spending her leisure time reading, meditating and listening to Indian classical music.

AIM interacted with Ramaswamy this women’s day to get a sneak peak on her journey as a woman leader in the tech space. Below are the excerpts:



Born in a South Indian family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, I always found my education and academics at the centerstage throughout my growing up years. My father’s passion and talent in mathematics rubbed off on me that led me to pursue B.Sc in Mathematics. Later on I got a degree in M.Sc. in Computer Science from IIT Bombay. After post-graduation, I worked at several firms such as A.F. Ferguson and Company, PRT System, Iflex Technologies and Silverline Technologies for over 20 years, before joining QualityKiosk (company founded by Maneesh Jhawar) in 2003.


There is a great legacy attached to QualityKiosk. Maneesh started QualityKiosk in 2000 as his experience in the manufacturing industry made him realize that there was a huge gap in quality assurance when it came to software testing. QualityKiosk pioneered third-party software quality assurance in India. Earlier the developer would test and that was it! We changed that. We pioneered third-party quality assurance in India 18 years ago.

It has been a roller-coaster ride. We are not just a testing company, we are Digital Experience Assurance experts. We take pride in being ahead of the curve by anticipating the ever-changing needs of our clients and their end-users. That said, it is always exciting to work with my team in a fast-paced and agile environment.


I think it’s just not work – life balance. It is striking a work – life harmony. What it means is sometimes work demands more of your time and one needs to anticipate the workload and deliver and sometimes the personal front requires more time and attention and one needs to address that as well.

Striking a work – life harmony will help individuals balance the critical priorities at work as well as at home.


At QualityKiosk my role as the Chief Operating Officer is to make sure that we delight our clients by continuously adding value and helping them achieve their business outcomes. Our philosophy is quite simple; we encourage our leaders and teams to bring new ideas to the table and execute them. Every QKite must possess the spirit to do new things. We have a dedicated research and development team that keep our technical edge in the market sharp. Our dedicated business consulting practice makes sure we are on the dot when it comes to changes in the market.


There is no difference between men or women as one can bring value to whatever one does. The mantra to success is bringing value to whatever role or responsibility that resides on your shoulders. Don’t tolerate mediocrity. Be better today, than what you were yesterday.

AI systems will need quality check points across input data, how that data is processed and interpreted and if the output quality is maintained continuously

AI systems will need quality check points across input data, how that data is processed and interpreted and if the output quality is maintained continuously

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