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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Unified Customer Experience Platform
With almost two decades of experience in Performance Management of the Application Life cycle, currently the metric that matters most is Customer Experience Monitoring and Management.

"Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020".
Source : Frost & Sullivan

Customer Experience is defined by the dependencies of infrastructure, network and application performance at each stage. At QualityKiosk, with a team of over 600 performance consultants, resolving broken experiences and stitching customer journey’s is a key part of our Performance Engineering Practice. We work with the globally top specialist tools for performance management integrated with our unified digital performance platforms. This can give a single view of the multitude of data points that represent the entirety of customer experience.

Digital is no longer just another channel, but becomes the platform around which online and offline worlds converge for a user to create an omni-channel experience. This is the stage at which the rise of the ‘Born Digital entities’ takes place. It is predicted that in future, there will be a ‘Digital twin’ – a virtual replica of the physical entities including people, organisations, places etc. that will seamlessly interface across the divide of real and the ‘digital reality’.

A unified intelligence platform is a needed to manage your customer journeys and avoid broken experiences. Our almost 2 decades of working on digital quality assurance and experience monitoring has enabled us to engage effectively in managing as well as deploying CX platforms closely linked to our Data Science Lab.